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Yasmeen Quadri founded ServUS as a college freshman with the goal of transforming the way youth interact with their communities. By placing the power back in student’s hands, ServUS hopes that students lead the way towards a sustainable 2050.


Here at ServUS, students decide how they want to volunteer. Our platform taps students' skill sets, interests, and dreams so that a service can be more than hours for a resume, and instead a creative outlet to change the world.

Focus Your Efforts

As the world strives to address our society’s greatest issues, many people are overwhelmed, questioning how their efforts are being utilized. Fortunately, the United Nations has placed its emphasis on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - smaller, more quantifiable steps.

Here at ServUS, we demonstrate to our students how their contributions make real change by grounding their volunteer ventures in the SDGs. Working collectively, these small steps become strides toward solving the world’s biggest problems with ServUS carrying the momentum.

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